Revolutionary Peelfit? Can from Crown Takes Functionality and Sustainability to the Next Level

Peelfit? utilizes DHS to seal an aluminum foil closure within the can body

Crown's new Peelfit? can enhances sustainability and optimizes product protection. Designed specifically for the dry food sector, Peelfit? utilizes revolutionary Direct Heat Sealing Technology (DHS) to seal an aluminum foil to a collapsed bead within the can body, eliminating the rigid steel ring typically required in double seaming applications.

The unique design of the Peelfit? container delivers multiple sustainability benefits including:

  • 16% in materials savings
  • 32% in energy savings
  • 100% recyclability


Peelfit is the Future

Multiple Applications

Peelfit? is designed specifically for a wide range of dry food applications. From powdered drinks to cooking ingredients, Peelfit? offers a sustainable packaging solution that also optimizes product protection.

Peelfit? is currently available in ?99mm and a range of heights.

Rice, spices, coffee, pasta, flour


There are a range of different printing options and decorative finishes available to enhance any design.

Holocrown, soft touch, spot gloss, metallic, matte, gloss, embossing

Peelfit? Is Innovation

Cereals, tea, hot chocolate, whey protein packaging

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